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Who can you meet at a climate conference?

Who can you meet at a climate conference? A photo story

A lot has happened over the last two weeks at this year’s climate conference (COP24) in Katowice, Poland.   In the images below, we want to show you the faces of the actors that helped generate climate action at COP24.

Party delegations are responsible for representing their respective countries at the negotiations and communicating their position when making decisions. Andrea Meza is the Director of Costa Rica’s Climate Change Directorate and leads the country’s delegation.  

The NGOs are here to communicate their message. Mariano Villares and Luz Falivene are from Sustentabilidad Sin Fronteras, a foundation specializing in the awareness and implementation of climate change projects.  They are here at COP24 to learn about climate change and strengthen the network of their organization.

Civil society is here to remind negotiators of the urgent need for climate action and the importance of human rights.

The participation of indigenous representatives at the climate conference is very important since they will ensure that the decisions taken correspond to the real needs of their territories.

Volunteers are responsible for assisting the participants and guiding them on a two-week adventure. Without them, we would be lost.

Different universities and research centers participate in the conference to showcase their research and provide valuable scientific information to help informed decision-making. Above are representatives from the Applied Mathematics Center of MINES ParisTech, who come to show their work in modeling for sustainable development.

The representatives of the central governments are here to show their commitment to climate action and talk about the projects and the strategic alliances developed.

Local governments come to present their successful projects and identify future partners of new ventures.   In the image above, representatives from the city of Rotterdam speak about their smart cities project. 

Likewise, Jessica tells us that her goal at the conference is to learn from the experiences of others about the implementation of projects with sub-national governments.

The private sector comes to promote their solutions and create spaces for dialogue. Siemens shows us its ambition with regard to the new models of smart and sustainable cities.

The press is here to understand what happens at the negotiations and transmit the message to civil society, informing them of the climate governance process.

The funding organizations are here to showcase their accomplishments and to listen to new proposals. 

Artists, who come to share a little bit about their culture, are also present. 

Young people, like Olivia, Caroline and Marie, who are part of the French Student Network for Sustainable Development (REFEDD), come to support their delegation and look for new partners.

International organizations bring their experience in different fields of action and remind negotiators that the rights of millions of people are threatened by climate change.

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