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New candidates to host COP25

Where will COP25 take place?

After a year of hard negotiations in Latin America and the Caribbean, Brazil was ready to host the next climate conference, COP25, but resigned before being appointed. Costa Rica, Chile, and Guatemala have offered to host the conference and thus maintain the venue of the next summit in a Latin American country.

Every year, the conference headquarters rotates from one region to another. This is essential, as it allows NGOs and countries to emphasize the climate agendas of each region. In addition, this rotation is needed so that the public of each continent can participate. With the candidacy of Costa Rica, Chile, and Guatemala, the process of negotiation within the region begins,  the group of Latin American and Caribbean countries – GRULAC has to define which country supports to host the event.

The climate change summit gathers an average of 25,000 people during the two weeks of negotiations. It is also a diplomatic process that lasts a full year, where the country assumes the leadership before the world to take forward the climate agenda. At this time Guatemala has received the support of Honduras to host. This selection process is arduous. We cannot forget how was the process for Brazil that faced strong opposition from Venezuela. The next host will be announced in the coming days.

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