TC3 Meeting – UNFCCC Barriers to Effective Public Participation


I am writing to you as Head Delegate of the UNFCCC Accredited Non Governmental Organization La Ruta del Clima. As a Central American NGO, the creation of the Loss and Damage Fund is an existential matter that is deeply connected to our future and human dignity.

We find extremely appalling the way the participation process has been conducted by the UNFCCC Secretariat in the Transitional Committee process. It is unacceptable that after being duly nominated to observe the TC3 meeting in Dominican Republic by CAN Intl. to this day we were not notified any type of confirmation for TC3 from the Secretariat to attend the meeting.

It is a recognized right to be notified of the conditions to participate within a reasonable timeframe. It is not possible for a global south NGO to embark into an UNFCCC meeting without an invitation as establish on the Rules of Procedure applicable to the UNFCCC. It is also noted that in communication ADPT./NOTIF./PART/TC.3 the Secretariat has taken steps to disincentivize observers to be in the meeting, which also hinders our right to effectively participate and influence the decision-making process. We also take note of communications TC3/2023/2 were all the meetings during the 29-30 of August are closed.

These restrictions do not enable effective public participation. As the climate crisis increases due to the UNFCCC historic failure to meet its objectives and the threat to our lives increases, access rights should not decrease. Environmental matters are best handled with broad and inclusive public participation.

We must also comment that the existing practices of the UNFCCC Secretariat regarding this process have not provided sufficient and adequate opportunities for vulnerable population to engage in this process. Even though, the direct beneficiaries of the loss and damage fund are the most vulnerable and marginalized communities across the world.

We formally complain that our access rights are being infringed. The UNFCCC Secretariat has a long way to go to ensure our participation in the process, is meaningful and effective according to our human rights.

Participar es un Derecho.

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