La Ruta del Clima

As the era of global boiling is announced by UN Secretary General, countries are called to respond, “and protect their people from the searing heat, fatal floods, storms, droughts, and raging fires that result.” As the boiling increases, so does loss and damage, these adverse effects are unequally and “strongly concentrated among the poorest vulnerable populations”.

The recently created Loss and Damage Fund (LDF) opens the possibility to provide resources to address the needs of those most affected and to consider their role in this new financial mechanism. The article contemplates the implications of public participation in the current crisis and the existing international obligations of UNFCCC and Access Agreement parties. Describes the current debate on the need for an adequate structure for the Loss and Damage Fund that considers public participation, including that of vulnerable groups. It explores the existing structures for participation of UNFCCC financial mechanisms and the necessary features that a LDF must have, as it needs people to address critical environmental decisions.