Chaves Threatens Costa Rica’s Green Reputation

Costa Rica’s runoff election on April 3 will feature a showdown between former President Jose Maria Figueres and ex-Minister of Finance Rodrigo Chaves.
The next president will be tasked with carrying out Costa Rica’s environmental agenda over the next four years, along with the newly-elected Legislative Assembly.

Virtual Event Loss and Damage: Post COP26 Challenges

Faced with the climate inaction of world leaders, PASO Verde through its People Who Care (POC) program and La Ruta del Clima with the support of Oxfam; co-organize the virtual event Loss and Damage: Challenges post COP26.

Workshop – Subversive Stitching: stories of climate justice through needle and thread

In this space we would like to reflect on the ways that art can foster alternative spaces for thinking about and processing our climate changing reality. We hope to present the collective and individual embroidery pieces that have come out of our discussions this past year and probe into the different ways that our audience understands and engages with climate change through creative practice.

Dialogues: Human Rights and Climate Impacts in Latin America

Participatory dialogues on the rights of vulnerable communities in Latin America in light of climate change impacts. The events look to position Latin America political demands in the UNFCCC agenda regardinge loss and damage. Furthermore, it is an opportunity to listen to the human rights implications that climate impacts are having in Latin America. These events address the issues of loss and damage, adaptation limits, human mobility, and climate justice.

Loss and Damage at COP26: A Central American Perspective

The event will present the report “Loss and damage at COP26: A Central American perspective”, an analysis of the international response to the adverse impacts generated by climate change and its importance for Central America. We will have the participation of representatives of affected communities and regional NGOs.

Talking COP26 with an Article 6 Negotiator

Last month, I had the chance to speak with Felipe De León Denegri, the Article 6 negotiator for Costa Rica. De León has represented Costa Rica since the Paris Agreement negotiations.

COP26: The Last Train to 1.5°C

This year’s U.N. climate conference (COP26) presents an extraordinary set of challenges as nations are set to meet from October 31 to November 12 in Glasgow, Scotland. COP26 will take place following a dire warning from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s first contribution to its Sixth Assessment Report. The scientists have made it clear […]

Pedro Castillo's Climate Challenge

Although climate did not play much of a role in his campaign, Castillo recently pledged to uphold Peru’s commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30 to 40 percent by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.