SB56 Loss and Damage Event

Loss and Damage in Latin America: community demands for justice

Oxfam, Sustentabilidad Sin Fronteras and La Ruta del Clima are hosting a dialogue on Loss and Damage during the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference – SB56. This dialogue will explore the importance of centering loss and damage assessments on the agency and rights of local communities.

The climate crisis is a priority for communities and human rights defenders in Latin America. Our region is one of the most affected by climate impacts while having a limited responsibility regarding its causes. Big country emitters avoid calls for responsibility and climate reparations as people in vulnerable communities fear for their life’s and future.

There is a need to address loss and damage within a human rights framework where countries are held accountable to their common but differentiated responsibilities. Big carbon emitter irresponsibility causes human rights violations and suffering . Latin American communities demand climate reparations and to have their human dignity respected.



Date and Time:

  • Tue, 07 June 2022, 11:30-13:00 Germany / 09:30 – 11:00 GMT


Simultaneous interpretation:

UNFCCC virtual platform does not allow simultaneous interpretation. However, La Ruta del Clima to break language barriers will have available a separate video feed with simultaneous interpretation. The quality of the video might be reduced.

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