Evento COP28: Un camino hacia la Justicia

This event will cover the progress of the damage and loss fund, emphasizing the importance of making it accessible to all countries with vulnerability conditions. During this dialogue, the challenges associated with climate change in the region in terms of accessible economic funds will be share

Justicia en COP28? Daños y Pérdidas

A participatory dialogue THAT seeks to generate a regional discussion between Latin American and US NGOs on what addressing loss and damage from a justice and rights-based perspective means. Activists and advocates from US and Latin American and Caribbean civil society organizations will have the opportunity to share their experiences and positions on what a loss and damage narrative built on justice looks like.

March for Climate COP25

The Climate March is an activity that takes place every year during the United Nations Climate Summit. The COP25 Climate Summit changed location by the Chilean government and is now held in Madrid. This conference was scheduled to take place in Chile but unilaterally and suddenly decided to take away from Latin America. This decision […]

Statement for the UNFCCC, COP25 and the Government of Spain

There is a total absence of empathy and recognition towards the efforts, time and resources already invested by NGOs, local and regional, youth, women and workers’ groups, to create openings and devise strategies to make the international community aware of the socio-environmental realities of climate change in Chile and Latin America.