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Webinar: The role of Renewable Energy in Costa Rica

Green Deal: The role of Renewable Energy in Costa Rica.

The World Future Council and La Ruta del Clima co-organize the webinar Green Deal: The role of Renewable Energy in Costa Rica. A conversation on the opportunities to increase ambition on the use of renewable energy and the benefits it can bring to Costa Rica.

In Costa Rica, decarbonization is a common goal and the country has made significant achievements in the generation of electricity from almost 100% renewables sources. However, this is not the case regarding its energy matrix that generates approximately 80% of the total greenhouse gases of the country. This represents a challenge for the decarbonization process but also an opportunity for the development of renewable energy.

In this event, we will also be presenting the report: Escenario: 100% Renewable Energy for Costa Rica. This in-depth study looks into Costa Rica´s potential for renewable energy development and the benefits it could generate. This report proposes a route for the increase of ambition on the decarbonization process.


  • June 30th at 10am (Costa Rica) / 18:00 CEST


  • Sra. Paola Vega Rodríguez, Member of the National Assembly of Costa Rica.
  • Sra. Anna Katrin Cavazzini, Member of the European Parliarment.
  • Sra. María Brenes Quesada, Directora de Business and Corporate Relations of the Nations Stock Exchange.
  • Sr. Eduardo Noboa, Senior Programme Manager World Future Council.
  • Sr. Adrián Martínez, Director, La Ruta del Clima.


  • Sra. Rosa Vásquez Rodríguez, Environmental Project Director, Fundación ALIARSE.


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