Argentina Ratifies Escazú Agreement, Chile, El Salvador Reject It

In a promising win for environmental justice and human rights, Argentina’s Chamber of Deputies voted to ratify the Escazú Agreement on September 25. Argentina became the tenth country to ratify the region’s first environmental treaty, one shy of the 11 needed for it to come into force.   This encouraging news came the same week as […]

Chile Withdraws from Hosting U.N. Climate Conference after Unrest

ys of violence and turmoil in Chile have led to President Sebastián Piñera’s surprising announcement on Wednesday that his nation would withdraw from hosting this year’s UN Climate Conference in Santiago, just over a month before it was scheduled to take place.

How does Gender Affect Climate Change Vulnerability?

One of the most important objectives of the feminist movement is to achieve gender equality for women. However, understanding what gender inequity is and the ways that it affects women in their daily lives has been vitally important on the road toward gender equality. One of the major discussions regarding the Paris Agreement was on […]

Key Takeaways from COP24

Key Takeaways from the Climate Change Conference COP24 to move forward in climate action as the Paris Agreement is set with its Rulebook to be implemented.