Our voices for climate rights

Our voices for climate rights is an advocacy and communication program on the right of public participation in climate change decisions. People have a right to participate and this can lead to greater ambition and justice in climate action.

Our voices for climate rights seeks to advocate for the right of public participation, create spaces of dialogue, training workshop on climate change and human rights, host discussions on environmental justice and democracy, provide easy to understand information about climate change governance to the Latin American public. This with the purpose of empowering, sensitizing and informing the public for it to take part in shaping a low emissions and sustainable society.


At a local and regional level we empower to public to claim their spaces to participate. At an international level we advocate, report, provide input and observe the international climate negotiations. At the Climate Change Conferences we host side events, track the negotiations and keep in touch with Latin American delegations and, keep the issue of human rights and public participation present at the climate conference. In addition, we cover the event through video and audio interviews, articles and news articles, radio programs, daily monitoring through social networks to major events, infographics, presentations, we also maintain a YouTube channel with webinars, interviews, and others.

Climate Conference COP24 #Katowice:

Side Event COP24 – La Ruta del Clima

At the COP24 Climate Conference held in Katowice, we carried out several activities focusing on the importance of human rights and the participation of the public in climate action.

Climate Conference COP23 #Fiji:


Durante la Cumbre de Cambio Climático COP23 en Alemania realizamos una campaña de información  e incidencia sobre la importancia de la participación ciudadana.

Climate Conference  Morocco COP22:

img_5590During the COP22 Climate Change Summit in Morocco, we conducted an information campaign for 2 weeks on the climate governance process.

In this opportunity, we made video interviews, written publications, infographics, photographic record, note, articles, radio interviews, presentations, and dissemination in social networks of the key aspects. In addition, we were in charge of conducting the video interviews at the Climate Change Studio of the Conference. For more information about the work we did last year, we invite you to read our COP22 blog.

Climate Conference France COP21


During the COP21 in Paris we followed the process of signing the new Paris Agreement on Climate Change, giving coverage by alternative means on the main events and discussion topics. Our team spent two weeks in this activity informing Latin America through video interviews, written publications, infographics, photographic record, notes, articles, radio interviews, presentations, and social media dissemination.

 More information (here)

Climate Conference Bonn UNFCCC 2016:

WhatsApp-Image-20160524 (1)

In 2016, we were present at the Climate Conference in Bonn, informing the Latin American region about the discussions prior to the COP22 Summit. Interviews were conducted for radio, photographic record, social media coverage and notes about the event.

Climate Conference Perú COP20:


In 2014, we launched our first information campaign from Peru where we conducted an information campaign through social networks, accompanied by notes and a photographic record.