Public Participation a climate action pillar

The event was held on December 12th at 4:45 pm in Room 1 of the conference. We had the participation of representatives of the German NGO BUND, UNFCCC’s Womens Constituency and the NGO Life, Fundación Sustentabilidad Sin Fronteras y Tierra Vida,, 5C CostaRican NDC’s Citizen Council, Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, and La Ruta del Clima.

“For us, the UNFCCC has two streams of work. One of it is of course, keeping us under 1.5 and reducing emissions. But the other one is wellbeing, the wellbeing of people, so when we are thinking about that, we are thinking of the right to shape our development and that is where people should come in. Central America is heavily under-represented. Our points of views and our needs are not being voiced because we are mostly not here. ” said Adrian Martinez, La Ruta del Clima, about public participation in international climate change governance.

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