Hilando Justicia Climática

The Hilando Justica Climatica programme is an effort that proposes the use of art and cultural expressions as a means to generate dialogues on climate change. It promotes the use of spaces, traditions and tools of socio-cultural expression as a safe and inclusive means to lead political discussions based on science. We explore the challenges that climate change imposes on our society through dialogue and free expression.

Hilando Justicia Climática addresses the issues of inequality, human rights and structural violence from our context, seeking its expression in our social context. The project connects with local groups and stakeholders to guide conversations to explore what climate change means and how it makes us feel in our realities. We build our narratives and political claims to motivate participation in climate decisions.

Embroidery Project

In alliance with Club del Bordado CR, the Jade Museum and the Heinrich Böll Stiftung, we launched Hilando Justicia Climática, a space to dialogue and embroider on the science and governance of climate change.

The first project that Hilando Justicia Climática has proposed is based on open dialogues on climate change through embroidery as a mechanism for climate justice

Embroidery meetings: