Project: Clima Index

The Clima Index is an educational project of the Association La Ruta del Clima. The objective of the project is to index the information available in the instruments, instances, and processes of climate governance with descriptive information, access to documentation and the existing connections between them. It is an ambitious project that will develop several tools to facilitate participation in climate governance, including a Climate Glossary and a Governance Map.

Glosario Climático

The Climate Glossary is now online and has definitions of the main terms related to climate governance. The purpose of this search tool is to facilitate the use and understanding of these terms when studying climate change or implementing climate actions. The Climate Glossary has taken the reference from the AR5 report of the IPCCC and other relevant sources. It is a project whose vision is to stay current and expand its content.



Clima Index: el proyecto.

In this stage, the Clima Index project presents a friendly and centralized online search tool to find key terms in the form of a glossary. However, this is only the pilot stage of the project and the goal is to get support to make the search system more efficient and introduce reference resources. On the other hand, the following stages of the project will present an interactive and descriptive image of climate governance with the aim of facilitating public participation.