Partnership for Climate Action

La Ruta del Climapromotes public participation by establishing alliances for climate action with private or public organizations. Climate action requires the participation of organizations from all sectors of society in decision-making on climate change. Establishing a dialogue and promoting cooperation in climate governance one of our objectives.

“Climate action should guide us towards cooperation among civil society organizations for our region, it is essential to build a common agenda that is reflected in international negotiations. There is great potential for knowledge, experiences and resources that we must share among Latin American NGOs.” Adrián Martínez, Director, La Ruta del Clima

UNFCCC Observer:






Avalamos la Carta de la Tierra. Adoptamos el espíritu y los objetivos del documento. Nos comprometemos a unirnos a la alianza mundial para un mundo justo, sostenible y pacífico, y a trabajar para la realización de los valores y los principios de la Carta de la Tierra.