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About us:

La Ruta del Clima is a Costa Rican non-governmental organization (NGO) that advocates for the right of the public to participate in the climate governance process. It is our goal to work with other organizations as a climate knowledge broker. We seek to draw attention to the need to respond to the adverse impacts of climate change on our communities.

At a local and regional level, we empower the public to claim their spaces to participate through awareness, capacity building, and advocacy. At an international level we advocate, report, provide input and observe the international climate negotiations from a Latin American perspective.

We are one of the few organizations in Central America to have sent a delegation to the U.N. climate change conferences every year over the last five years. We raise awareness of key climate discussions and actions taking place at the national and international levels.


“La Ruta del Clima is an NGO that promotes public participation in climate and environmental decision making, through education, awareness, training, and communication about climate change in Latin America.”



“ A leading Latin American NGO at the national and international level on climate change governance and on the promotion of public participation in climate decisions .”


The organization seeks to empower the public to participate in the governance of climate change and sustainable development. Through education, awareness, and communication about climate change in Latin America.

Public participation can help develop receptive environmental policies, reduce conflicts, increase ambition and efficiency of environmental actions.

We carry out climate empowerment actions in Latin America, focusing on its 6 pillars:

  • Education on Climate Change and SDG.
  • Capacity Development.
  • Awareness Actions.
  • Public Access to Information.
  • Citizen Participation.
  • Transparency of Governance.

Public Participation

cop23 La Ruta del Clima

Public participation in climate governance is a pillar for our organization.

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