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Loss and Damage at COP26: A Central American Perspective

The event will present the report “Loss and damage at COP26: A Central American perspective”, an analysis of the international response to the adverse impacts generated by climate change and its importance for Central America. We will have the participation of representatives of affected communities and regional NGOs.

Time and date:

Tuesday, October 26 – 13:00 Central America / 19 GMT


Spanish / Simultaneous Interpretation into EnglishDirect Access:


Why it is relevant?

The term of loss and damage has been at the center of the political struggle for climate justice in the Global South. Vulnerable countries have advocated that losses and damages are reflected in the structure of the climate regime and receive a response based on justice and responsability.

Loss and damage is particularly relevant for Central America, one of the regions of the world most exposed to the climate crisis. For our communities, it is urgent to build regional political demands on loss and damage from a climate justice and human rights approach.

The response from the international community and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change has been insufficient. The political demands of the Global South regarding the need for a structured response to address loss and damage have been ignored for decades. Financing and reparation are needed for the unjust loss and damage suffered by communities in conditions of vulnerability due to the adverse impacts of climate change.




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