Latin American Perspectives on Loss and Damage

Virtual Event

We invite you to the virtual event “Latin American Perspectives on Loss and Damage.” Representatives of civil society organizations from Latin America will join us in this participatory dialogue. Loss and damage is a crucial issue for Latin America, but one that does not have a common position among governments in the region.

The lack of data and the opposition from the Global North in providing a structural and financial response to address loss and damage is a danger to our socio-environmental well-being. Vulnerable communities face the impacts of climate change alone and their human rights are violated by loss and damage.

In this event, panelists will discuss the implications and specific political demands that exist in Latin America regarding loss and damage from different perspectives. The event will focus on the key actions required and the discussions of the next conference of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change SB56.

Time and Date:

May 30, 2022 | 09:00 Central America – 15:00 GMT – 17:00 Germany


15:00- 15:05Welcome
– Mr. Juan Bautista Boudot, Centro Humboldt.
15:05- 15:20Loss and damage agenda in the framework of SBI and COP27
– Mr. Osver Polo, Movimiento Ciudadano frente al Cambio
15:20- 15:35Aspects of global incidence in the debate on
Loss and Damage
– Mr. Carlos Aguilar, Oxfam.
15:35- 15:50Approach from the Amazon region
– Ms. Juliana Strobel, AVINA.
15:50 – 16:05 Perspectives from Central American communities
– Ms. Adriana Vásquez, La Ruta del Clima, Costa Rica.
16:05- 16:25Q&A
– Ms. Javiera Lecourt Palacios, CEUS Chile.
16:25- 16:30Closing
-Mr. Adrián Martínez, La Ruta del Clima, Costa Rica.


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