Public participation and human rights are intertwined in the Paris Agreement to ensure its transparency, fairness, and effectiveness. In this context, La Ruta del Clima is developing a research project on citizen participation and human rights in climate governance. This project is led by our colleague Adrián Martínez who has received the support of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in the framework of the International Protection Fellowship for Young Climate Experts.

International Climate Protection Fellowship

The research will be done with the support of the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies in Germany. The information generated by this research will be shared with the public by La Ruta del Clima. The project will generate tools to facilitate public participation in national and international climate governance.


Countries are faced with the task of transforming their legal and political frameworks to facilitate a socially constructed change in order to face the climate challenge. In Central America, adaptation is a priority for countries due to the adverse effects of climate change and its contextual vulnerability. On the other hand, great progress has been made in the area of mitigation, establishing programs of national scope that tend to build a low-carbon and sustainable economy. However, the socio-economic and legal context of the region presents a challenge, that of carrying out these actions with limited resources and at the same time safeguarding human rights.



Adrian Martinez
Adrian Martinez – Director La Ruta del Clima

Climate actions have implications for human rights, so one way to safeguard those rights and at the same time increase their effectiveness is through public participation in climate governance. The inclusion of this element in climate laws and policies can help to link these activities with the existing context while protecting human dignity.

Adrián Martínez’s research aims to highlight the extent to which human rights, public participation, and adaptation are considered in the current process of formulating policies and laws.

The intention of the project is to compare policies and legal frameworks to find the best available practices and structures. Its objective is to create a guide for public commitment to make these issues more present in the climate agenda. Adrian Martinez is a Costa Rican lawyer and has an MA. in Environment, Development, and Peace.


One of the objectives of the project is to generate a guide for public participation in climate governance with considerations of the dimension of Human Rights. Likewise, allies will be sought to share the final results and establish a dialogue on this topic. At the same time, the results will be communicated through articles, infographics and through the awareness programs which La Ruta del Clima develops. Finally, this is one of the messages that we as a non-governmental organization will advocate for in national or local governance spaces and during the Climate Change Conferences.

Comunicación Proyecto Participación Pública y Derechos Humanos