La Ruta del Clima is an NGO that advocates for the right of public participation in climate change desicion-making and climate justice.

La Ruta del Clima is a Costa Rican NGO that advocates for the public’s right to participate in climate governance processes, both at the national and international level. As climate “knowledge brokers”, our work is centered on collaboration and exchange with other organizations. Human Rights and Climate Justice are core elements of our advocacy efforts.

At a local and regional level, we seek to facilitate technical know-how and strengthen local and organizational capacities on climate change and governance, raise awareness about the different ways to effect change towards climate justice, advocate for participation and representation as a fundamental human right. Through our work, we ultimately hope to empower the public to claim their space and participate in climate governance processes and effect equitable and just climate actions.


Through our status as official observers of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), we participate at the annual Conference of the Parties (COP), where we advocate for human rights and climate justice. We provide inputs on on key issues for our region and report on overall proceedings from a Latin American perspective. At the international climate negotiations, our primary goal is to advocate on the impacts of climate change in vulnerable populations and the role of the public.

We need your help to promote public participation in climate decisions.