Cómo crear un marco integral para monitorear y evaluar los daños y pérdidas

A medida que avanzamos con la puesta en
marcha de la Red de Daños y Pérdidas de Santiago
(SNLD, por sus siglas en inglés) y continuamos
impulsando la creación de un mecanismo de
financiación independiente, es fundamental desarrollar
un sólido marco de monitoreo y evaluación (M&E)
adaptado específicamente a los daños y pérdidas

Más allá de la ayuda humanitaria

Negotiators must push for a robust and sustainable facility that embodies a human rights-based approach. Finance for loss and damage must be distinguished from the voluntary, unpredictable, and transitory nature of humanitarian aid. The deployment of humanitarian aid to deal with losses and damages from extreme weather events is woefully insufficient to address the scale of the problem.

Latin American Perspectives on Loss and Damage

We invite you to the side event “Latin American Perspectives on Loss and Damage”. Representatives of civil society organizations from Latin America will join us in this participatory dialogue. Loss and damage is a crucial issue for Latin America but one that does not have a common position on the part of the governments of the region.

Virtual Event Loss and Damage: Post COP26 Challenges

Faced with the climate inaction of world leaders, PASO Verde through its People Who Care (POC) program and La Ruta del Clima with the support of Oxfam; co-organize the virtual event Loss and Damage: Challenges post COP26.

Opinion: The U.S. Must Step Up in the Global South

Biden has done little to prioritize the needs of the Global South. The White House’s plan to scale up climate finance falls woefully short of what is needed. And to date, there has been little movement on advancing the pressing issues of loss and damage and climate migration.