About us

La Ruta del Clima is a Costa Rican non-governmental organization (NGO) that advocates for the right of the public to participate in the climate governance process and climate justice.

It is our goal to work with other organizations as a climate knowledge broker. We seek to draw attention to the need to respond to the adverse impacts of climate change on our communities


A leading Latin American NGO at the national and international level on climate change governance and on the promotion of climate justice and public participation in climate decisions


Una ONG líder a nivel nacional y latinoamericano referente en cambio climático y enfocada en la incidencia política para fomentar la participación ciudadana con reconocimiento y posicionamiento internacional

Action Areas

The organization seeks to empower the public to participate in the governance of climate change and sustainable development. Through education, awareness and communication on climate change in Latin America.

Public participation can help develop responsive environmental policies, reduce conflicts, increase the ambition and efficiency of environmental actions.

We carry out climate empowerment actions in Latin America, focusing on its 6 pillars:

Educación sobre el Cambio Climático y ODS.

Desarrollo de Capacidades.

Acciones de Sensibilización.

Acceso Público a la Información.

Participación Ciudadana.

Transparencia de la Gobernanza.

“La Ruta del Clima is an NGO that promotes public participation in climate and environmental decision-making, through education, awareness, training and communication on climate change in Latin America”


Adrián Martínez Blanco


Director y Fundador de La Ruta del Clima.

Presidente de la Junta Directiva.


Adriana Vásquez Rodríguez

Directora Administrativa

Vicepresidenta de la Junta Directiva.

Valeria Roman


Tesorera de la Junta Directiva

Cindy Umaña

Fiscal de la Junta Directiva

Rosa Vásquez Rodríguez

Secretaria Junta Directiva

Sam Goodman

Experto en Política Climática

Mauricio Luna


David Hernández

Asociado e Investigador

Alina Aguilar

Asociada e Investigadora

Larissa Soto

Asociada e Investigadora

José Andres Barrantes

Activista e Investigador

Alexandra Paniagua

ACTIVIST Voluntaria

Helen Gutiérrez



Climate action requires the participation of organizations from all sectors of society in decision-making on climate change. Establishing a dialogue and promoting cooperation in climate governance one of our objectives. 

Climate action requires the participation of organizations from all sectors of society in decision-making on climate change. 

"Climate action should guide us towards cooperation among civil society organizations for our region, it is essential to build a common agenda that is reflected in international negotiations. There is great potential for knowledge, experiences and resources that we must share among Latin American NGOs.”

Adrián Martínez, Director, La Ruta del Clima



We endorse the Earth Charter. Adopting the goals and objectives of this charter. We are commited to unite in a world alliance for a just, sustainable and peaceful world and, to work to acheive the values and principles of the Earth Charter.