La Ruta del Clima participates in the United Nations Climate Conference COP28 as an accredited non-governmental observer organization. We exercise the right to participate effectively in decision-making processes demanding a human rights and science approach. 
We believe in justice and have a Latin American political proposal that has been forged through years of dialogue with communities about climate impacts. We believe in taking our rights and speaking with the urgency of our territories.
We are realistic and aim to forge a just present based on responsibility, human rights and dignity.

A human rights approach must guide climate negotiations at the UNFCCC and implementation at the national level. For many years it has been accepted to exclude the mention of human rights from the decisions of the CMA and COP. Human rights and justice are not disposable goods. Countries violate our rights when addressing their obligation to guarantee and respect our rights as a negotiable good.

Climate Justice is a political movement and a demand for human rights. Climate change is violent and infringes our human rights. People have the right to a safe climate and human dignity. Countries have failed to meet the goal of stabilizing emissions for 30 years and based on that failure we have the right to demand justice.

Reparation for the violation of international environmental rights and human rights is a right that people have. The Paris Agreement is a human rights treaty that must protect our dignity. The damage and losses caused by the excessive use of carbon have legal consequences. We have rights to claim reparations for the injuries to our well-being and the adverse effects we are forced to endure. Climate change was caused mainly by developed countries and they have a responsibility to repair the damage done to our generation and future ones.

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Exhibit cop28:

Place:: COP28 – Booth number 25.
Date: from December 1 to 06, 2023.

A sharing space open to various Networks and NGOs from Latin America to share about climate justice and human rights.


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Participation is a Right! The @COP28_UAE is a civic space where Human Rights and Justice must make their way. We exercise our rights and claim #ClimateReparations for damages and losses.​


Our Delegation:

Maria Paula Calvo


Adrián Martínez Blanco


Jennifer Rojas Valverde


Andrea Robles Jirón


Natalia Gomez Solano