New Zealand’s Revised NDC Punts on Ambition

New Zealand submitted its updated Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) to the Paris Agreement this April, joining a handful of nations that have done so. The nation maintains the same commitment to the 2030 climate targets set forth in its original NDC, but holds off on more ambitious targets until it receives advice from its newly established Climate Change Commission.

Chile’s Ramps Up Climate Ambition

Chile released its updated climate pledge on April 9, charting a path to greenhouse gas neutrality at a time when urgent action is needed. By setting an early peak emissions target and proposing a date for greenhouse neutrality, Chile’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) represents a major upgrade from the nation’s previous commitments.

Voices from the Climate Community on COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended all of our lives in unprecedented ways around the world. We talked to many of our colleagues in the climate community about the actions their governments are taking, the parallels between their government’s handling of COVID-19 and the climate crisis and the effect the pandemic has had on their personal lives.

COVID-19 Cannot Delay Climate Action

This year’s annual United Nations climate conference (COP26) was officially postponed until 2021, a decision made on April 1 by the COP Bureau of the UNFCCC, in consultation with the United Kingdom and Italy, due to concerns over the coronavirus. The conference was originally scheduled to take place from November 9 to 19 in Glasgow, Scotland.

Bolsonaro is Unfit to Lead on COVID-19 and Climate

Bolsonaro’s alarming response to the COVID-19 pandemic in many ways parallels the ultra-right leader’s handling of the climate crisis. By refusing to listen to experts in the scientific community and take aggressive action to mitigate the impact, as well as his prioritizing short-term economic growth over everything else, he has proven himself unfit to lead.

Protestors Kicked Out, Debadged at COP25 while Conference Welcomes Big Polluters

Discontent over the direction of this year’s UN Climate Conference (COP25) in Madrid came to a head on December 11 when hundreds of protesters interrupted the negotiations. The protesters, frustrated with the slow pace of the negotiations, demanded rich, industrialized nations provide finance for communities vulnerable to the worst effects of climate change, as key decisions around loss and damage and global carbon markets are expected in the coming days.

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