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Adrián Martinez

Adrian Martinez is the Director of La Ruta del Clima and is currently a Research Fellow at the IASS-Potsdam. He has been granted the International Climate Protection Fellowship of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation to research in public participation, human rights, and climate change governance.

He focuses his research and advocacy on public participation, human rights and climate change governance. He has a MA. on Environment, Development and Peace from the United Nations Mandate University for Peace and holds a Licentiate and a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Costa Rica.

He has participated in various international events as a speaker or guest lecturer and is a permanent writer who raises awareness of climate change issues. As a consultant, he has worked on various projects in the field of climate change, waste management and environmental policy-law.

Between Peace and Climate Change in Colombia

Between Peace and Climate Change in Colombia

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Sebastian Lema is a Colombian pioneer and specialist in climate finance who researches on post-conflict in Colombia and the opportunities this can bring for climate action. This year he was selected for the prestigious International Climate Protection Grant for young climate experts from developing countries of the Alexander […]

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