Dialogues: Human Rights and Climate Impacts in Latin America

Participatory dialogues on the rights of vulnerable communities in Latin America in light of climate change impacts. The events look to position Latin America political demands in the UNFCCC agenda regardinge loss and damage. Furthermore, these side events are an opportunity to listen to the human rights implications that climate impacts are having in Latin America. These events address the issues of loss and damage, adaptation limits, human mobility, and climate justice.

The events will be held in two different locations and dates to increase engagement and participation. These spaces will have short interventions from human rights and loss and damage advocates from Latin America. Moreover, a policy brief on loss and damage from a Central American perspective and other information will be shared by panelists.

1st Event: Blue Zone

This event will focus on the adverse effects that climate change is having in the Latin American region and its relations with human rights. NGO advocates from countries across the region will focus on sharing their political perspective on climate impacts. Furthermore, the panelist will focus on the political demands regarding loss and damage from a Latin American perspective and the required response that the climate regime.

Date: November 6th, 2021.  16h45-18h00.

Venue:  Blue Zone, Forth Room.

Livestream: Youtube UNFCCC

Moderator: Josue Arrieta


  • Sra. Soledad García Muñoz Special Rapporteur on Economic, Social, Cultural, and Environmental Rights, OAS.
  • Sr. Adrián Martínez Blanco, Director La Ruta del Clima.
  • Sr. Gustavo Alanis, Centro Mexicano de Derecho Ambiental (CEMDA).
  • Sr. Bernis Cunningham, Centro Nicaraguense de Conservación Ambiental- CENIC & Climate Action Network – Latin America (CAN-LA). 
  • Sra. Gabriela Burdiles, Corporación Fiscalía del Medio Ambiente (FIMA). 
  • Sra. Nasha A. C. Cuvelier, Co-Founder, Sustentabilidad sin Fronteras.

2nd Event: Green Zone

This event will launch the report “Loss and Damage at COP26: A Central American perspective” . The adverse effects of climate change are ravaging Central American communities and generating significant losses and damages. The event will depart from a human rights and climate justice perspective to explore political demands.

The Policy brief will be presented highlighting key political discussions that NGOs and party delegates should take lead at COP26 regarding loss and damage. This will be followed by a panel of experts on climate policy and human rights that will put into context the need for stronger action to address loss and damage.

Date: November 8th, 2021.  12h30.

Venue: Green Zone, Tower Base North auditorium.

Livestream: COP26 YouTube channel (TBC)

Moderator: Helen Gutiérrez


  • Maria Alejandra Aguilar, Climate Justice Coordinator, Asociación Ambiente y Sociedad.
  • Liliana Avila, Asociación Interamericana para la Defensa del Ambiente (AIDA).
  • Adrián Martínez Blanco, Director, La Ruta del Clima.
  • Victor Manuel Campos Cubas, Director, Centro Humboldt.
  • Ingrid Hausinger, Program Coordinator, Heinrich Böll Foundation – El Salvador. (TBC)
  • Tania Guillen, Researcher, GERICS.

Policy Briefs:

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