Climate Radio


We use radio and podcasts to promote awareness and education about climate change.

Radio Climática

La Ruta del Clima Radio is an awareness and education program about climate change. The program is co-produced by RadioU of the University of Costa Rica and La Ruta del Clima.


The program is broadcasted every Monday at 8am through the Radio U 101.9 FM radio  station of the University of Costa Rica

Radio La Ruta del Clima


The podcasts shares special episodes and also disseminates all the radio broadcasting initiatives that we co-produce as the organization’s own content, such as interviews, reports and announcements about important events.


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Previous projects:

  • First Radial Project – GAIA

GAIA was the first radio project we made. The GAIA radio program was broadcast from 2015 to July 2017. In this project, we participated in the co-production together with Radio U of the University of Costa Rica and the NGO Latin Clima. This project led us to broadcast 75 radio programs on the governance of climate change and sustainability.

Playlist of some programs transmitted in the GAIA project :

The program was carried out with the collaboration of various organizations at the regional level and the volunteer work of our team, which has made it possible for the program to have an impact on radio broadcasting continuously. Its last transmission was in July 2017.

  • Second Radial Project – Ojo al Clima Radio

The Ojo al Clima Radio Program is co-produced by Asociación La Ruta del Clima, Latin Clima, Semanario Universidad and Radio U of the University of Costa Rica.