A closer look into the TC5 Recommendations

A Loss and Damage Fund (LDF) responds to a structural demand for justice. At COP27, the LDF was created by Decisions 2/CP.27 and 2/CMA.4. The LDF has the objetive to respond to loss and damage and a mandate that includes a focus on addressing loss and damage.

To accomplish the operationalization of the Loss and Damage Fund a Transitional Committee (TC) was tasked with generating recommendations. In the fifth meeting of the TC, a recommendation was agreed. A proposal where the World Bank would anchor the LDF was issued to be taken by parties at COP28

Justicia en COP28? Daños y Pérdidas

A participatory dialogue THAT seeks to generate a regional discussion between Latin American and US NGOs on what addressing loss and damage from a justice and rights-based perspective means. Activists and advocates from US and Latin American and Caribbean civil society organizations will have the opportunity to share their experiences and positions on what a loss and damage narrative built on justice looks like.

The Bridgetown Initiative – Fit to Finance Climate Justice?

The Bridgetown Initiative (BI) has gained significant traction since its proposal at COP27. Developed through the leadership of the Barbados government, it represents an innovative proposal to deal with some of the critical problems with climate finance. What outcomes does the BI seek to achieve? How does the BI align with longstanding demands of climate […]

Imagining just futures

Un diálogo participativo sobre enfoques justos y basados en derechos para abordar pérdidas y daños en América Latina y el Caribe. Expertos y profesionales de la región discutirán la reparación y la justicia para las comunidades vulnerables afectadas por pérdidas y daños. ReGISTRO: Regístrese para recibir un recordatorio Recordatorio Día y hora: 11:45 – 13:00 […]