Side Event: Public Participation in Climate Decisions

Public Participation in Climate Decisions: Climate Action and the Escazú Agreement

La Ruta del Clima and the Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL) co-organised an event at the COP25 Climate Change Conference on the connection between climate action and the Escazú Agreement.


  • Analyze the recent events that have marked the political landscape of the region and determine how can this affect a human rights-based approach to climate action.
  • Dialogue about the role that NGOs can have to further the ratification and implementation of the Escazú Agreement.
  • Explore the implications to public participation and climate governance caused by the change of venue from Latin America to Europe.

Date and location:

  • Friday of December 6th, 12:30 to 14:00 – European Union Pavillion, Room Brussels


  • Sr. Joseluis Samaniego, Director de la División de Desarrollo Sostenible y Asentamientos Humanos de CEPAL
  • Sr.  Juan Pablo Orrego, Ecosistemas. (Chile)
  • Sra. Gabriela Burdiles, FIMA (Chile).
  • Sr. Adrián Martinez, La Ruta del Clima 
  • Sra. Mariana Porras, Coecoceiba (Costa Rica) 
  • Sr. Javier Davalos González, AIDA. , AIDA.

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